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Stories Of Our Lives

The stories of Ma Hanilia: by Dr Renata Klocke

She tells me that Felicitas is her name when I sit to chat with her for the first time. They all seem to have a pet name and an  official name, which no one really is sure about. Everybody calls her Ma Hanilia. 

Two weeks before Maria hit Dominica she had surgery for cancer and was just released from the hospital back to her little wooden shed in the mountains, where she lived alone in poverty. She tells me that she had not even money to buy herself some bread. When hurricane Maria hit, she had no idea. No one had told or warned her. The wind picked up, she closed the windowshutters. But the wind increased and increased. Her house was shaking  and shaking fiercely, in her despair she decided to crawl underneath it and lie down flat on a wooden plank. Rain fell heavily, more and more the whole, endless night through, finally the shed collapsed on her, but because she was lying between two rocks, thshe wasn’t crushed. However, the flooding soaked her for hours and after it came the mud. the muss came she was soaked and shaking, when the mud slide came down on her. 

Ma Hamilia

She was found the following day, when  a neighbor came to check on the house.  She had sat up. The sun had dried the mud. Like a mud statue, in a state of shock.

When they took her to the shelter, she was catatonic and didn’t speak for two months. Now, in January 2019, 16 months after Maria, when I sit beside her she says “hello, sweetheart”, and she tells me her story. She has nowhere and no one to return to. Her daughter is somewhere far away, she says. 

When I come in the be=venting to say good night to her, I find her sleeping on. ]a mattress on the floor in a corner of the hall. I learn that she has an alcohol history and spent many years on the street. Maybe a proper room makes her feel locked in. She spends the morning walking down the village road and chatting to people, the rest of the day you will find her sitting on the front balcony and watching the sea afar. Her home is here, in the shelter, where young and old live together with respect and love. It is most amazing. 

Still living in Feed My Sheep Dominica, Emergency Shelter since September of 2017, due to lack of housing and funds. We are really need assistance for her case

Days of Our Lives: Tuesday April 2, 2019

While we are collecting funds for Irvin’s emergency surgery, the work at the Feed My Sheep Dominica center continues. Food is being cooked, children are being fed, and the shelter is being painted.

The kids don’t have to search for food and water during their lunch break, so they can focus on schooling

Who We Are

Welcome to the Feed My Sheep Dominica website.

We are a Dominican registered Youth & Crisis Center, and the official Emergency Shelter, for the villages of Mahaut, Massacre, Jimmit and Tarou.

“Our mission is to holistically help those in crisis, while providing ongoing support to youth in need.”

Together we provide the following essential services:

#1 Emergency shelter for the surrounding 4 villages
#2 Transitional shelter for the homeless
#3 Professional Counseling with a hot line service
#4 Provide healthy meals & life skills training
#5 We sponsor other humanitarian projects
#6 Provide tutoring and therapy for “special need kids”
#7 Direct crisis outreach service: to give practical aid to those in need.

The purpose this website is to give you a glimpse into our daily actives and to showcase some projects and people you can choose to specifically support, through Feed My Sheep Dominica.

Please, be aware that if you choose to make a donation through any other means online, other than directly through our official donorbox site, we cannot guarantee that we will receive your donations. Therefore when in doubt first contact us directly by:

  • Facebook messenger: Feed My Sheep Dominica
  • (
  • email:
  • call, +767 275 9941

We accept all major credit cards, and PayPal donations. Large contributions are welcome, but because we serve children, families and seniors facing crises in our community, even the smallest contribution goes a long way. When you give through Feed My Sheep Dominica, 100&% of your donations are used for the specified designated project or persons ‘in crisis.” If not specified, donations automatically go towards the area of greatest need.

Without faithful volunteers and loyal partners like you, we couldn’t have kept our doors open for the last 34 years. Thank-you for joining together to make good things happen in Dominica.